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Long Island Moving and Storage by Molloy Brothers

Molloy Bros. Mayflower knows what you want when you move: friendly workers, dependable service, a trusted name, and a variety of services that meet your special needs. Our family business has moved over 331,000 households and more than 256 millon miles in our 60+ years of history. Experience a great move with the confidence that you and your precious belongings will be safe and secure.

Molloy Bros. Moving– A Family Name

Founded by the Molloy family in 1946, Molloy Bros. has a long tradition of providing high quality residential moving services to individuals and families throughout the New York and New Jersey region. We have four locations: Long Island , Queens, New York City and New Jersey. We have storage facilities to meet every need. And our professional crew takes pride in ensuring a flawless move experience. Learn more about Molloy Bros Moving .

Mayflower – A Name You Can Trust

Mayflower Transit has been moving families around the country and across towns since 1927 with great care and expertise. Mayflower Transit's commitment to customer service and to the highest professional standards is the reason why it is a leading full-service moving company. Learn more about Mayflower .

Molloy Bros. is one of the largest agents for Mayflower. This relationship gives our customers the advantage of working with an experienced local professional moving company as well as having access to a vast network of agents across the United States and abroad.


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Customer Testimonials - Molloy Bros. Moving



I selected Molloy after interviewing four other moving companies, based on their professionalism and courtesy. I was moving from a 7-room house with garage, basement and attic, where I'd raised my family and lived for 32 years, into a 3-room apartment where I would be living on my own. Because there would be a delay in the purchase of my apartment, my belongings had to be held in storage for a number of months.

The agent who came to give me an estimate went over all the details, showing me pictures and recommending safe ways to pack fragile belongings, alerting me to pitfalls that I hadn't even considered. Molloy's pricing was right there within the range of the other companies, but I felt confident that they were the best prepared to do a good job.

The people at Molloy far exceeded my highest expectations. Pam at the office was always ready to help resolve problems and answer any questions that arose. The storage period extended longer than anticipated, and Pam was answered my questions throughout that time with grace and with excellent understanding and knowledge.

Because of unseasonable blizzard conditions in the area, the move out of storage into my apartment had to be rescheduled three separate times, and Pam was courteous and helpful each time, reassuring me and keeping a sense of humor, helping me to keep things in perspective.

The men who moved my things into storage were courteous competent and helpful, crating fragile mirrors and wrapping everything to protect it. And the crew who did the second leg of the move from storage into my apartment were also efficient and courteous. They uncrated pieces and assembled them as needed, treating my heirlooms with due concern.

I commend Pam Poulin, Chris Blank and the amazing moving crews for a great job on all levels, and recommend Molloy Brothers without reservation to anybody who needs to move their home.


Thanks for making what seemed impossible happen. WOW- if the government and the world only worked as Mayflower does.



I wanted to drop you a note first of all to say thank you for moving your schedule around to accommodate my closing date of 07/27/12.  My buyer's mother was her realtor who thought she knew every trick in the book and was giving me such a hard time, I thought I was going to have a breakdown.  You have no idea how much help you provided in squeezing me in for the 27th. instead of your first available date of 08/02/12.  I really appreciated how you specifically and your company provided such high levels of customer service.

In addition, I wanted to let you know that the team you sent to pack up and move out was outstanding.  The three of them were all courteous, pleasant and most of respectful, not only of me but of my possessions as well.  My sister who was with me at the house even commented to me how respectful they were and what nice conversation they made while she sat and they packed up the china, crystal etc. I lived in my home for 19 years and everything was delivered brand new so I really can't comment on any other moving company but I have heard stories about other's experiences.  I could not have been more satisfied.  I only hope that when we arrange for the move out of storage, I'll experience the same levels of service. 

Regina Z.


Hi Rob,

I want to write you a note to thank you again for the great team that was put in place for my move on 7/26/12. 

On the office front Diane was responsive and timely on her follow-up.  In the field, Luis and his crew that did that move were wonderful.  They showed up early, worked efficiently and had no problem accommodating any on the fly requests we had.  I also want to let you know Tom Lyons the Field Supervisor made a special trip to stop onsite and make sure everything was going smoothly with the moving.  His timing couldn't have been better as there was an issue trying to get a boxspring up to the 2 nd FL do to height and size obstacles.  Tom came up with a solution on the spot and it worked beautifully.

Please make sure to share this with Molloy's management as Luis and his team as well as Tom & Diane deserve recognition for their great efforts!



It was suggested that I write you to let you know that the movers who arrived at my house on Oct. 30th were simply fantastic. They did such an awesome job in retrieving and moving my things to your storage in Harrison, NJ. They were professional, pleasant and just did an overall fantastic job. I don't remember their names, but the pick up was at Boonton, NJ. My experiences with Sandra and Susan in your office was also extremely pleasant and helpful. You have a great staff.

A job well done certainly deserves recognition! Thank you for the wonderful service. Hoping to experience the same as my things will now be delivered to my new home in Jacksonville, FL.




The team did a great job. They were professional and courteous. We would certainly use the team and Molloy movers in the future. Great Job!




Molloy Brothers New York Movers

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Moving Services & Checklists

Molloy Mayflower has all the professional move services you need for a successful move. These start with a competent and friendly move coordinator who stays with you for your entire move.

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Molloy Mayflower's Packing Guide contains all the information you need in a simple pamphlet loaded with helpful photographs. Download or view this packing guide now, or jump to a specific section by following the linked titles, below.

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Do-It-Yourself moves can be an attractive move option, especially when they are assisted with the experience and quality reputation of Molloy Mayflower.

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Items such as antique furniture, marble and glass top tables, trophies and chandeliers are best transported in custom-made crates. We can crate these types of items for you.

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