Moving to an Area Near You.

For more than seven decades, Molloy Bros./Mayflower has serviced residential and commercial clients throughout Long Island, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, moving more than 350,000 customers over 275 million miles. Whether its a local move or across the country, Molloy Bros.' team of professionals treat you the way you should be: with the utmost courtesy and respect. Our company is a proud member of Mayflower Transit, one of the world's most renowned long-distance moving companies.

No move is too large or small, no situation too difficult. Molloy Bros. knows the intricacies of moving throughout the tristate area, from strategizing a move in an urban area to the extra care suburban households and businesses require. Let Molloy Bros. take care of the logistics. Our goal, always, is to make your move stress- and hassle-free for you.