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Moving jargon? Take the confusion out of industry terms and terminology with this convenient, easy-to-access moving glossary from Molloy Bros./Mayflower.

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Molloy Bros.’ inventory control system that replaces hard-to-read handwritten inventories. Using an advanced barcode system, each item being shipped is scanned and electronically inventoried at loading. At delivery, pieces are scanned a second time, identifying any missing items immediately.

Fuel surcharge

The carrier’s tariff provides for a percentage adjustment to the transportation charge (and SIT pickup and delivery) to aid in the recovery of the increased cost of fuel. The surcharge, which can change monthly, is based upon the national average cost of diesel as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Full-service packing & unpacking

The full-service packing rates include cartons and packing labor. The full-service unpacking rates include the unpacking of carrier packed cartons and the removal of such debris.