Our moving glossary gives your move greater definition.

Moving jargon? Take the confusion out of industry terms and terminology with this convenient, easy-to-access moving glossary from Molloy Bros./Mayflower.

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Order for service

A document authorizing the moving company to transport your household goods.

Order number

This number is used to identify your shipment. It appears on the upper right corner of the order for service and the bill of lading and should be used whenever the carrier is contacted.

Origin & destination service charge

A hundredweight rate that applies based on the weight of the shipment plus any weight additives and location where the shipment is picked up and delivered. The charges compensate the carrier for basic handling and servicing of the shipment; includes services such as elevator, stair and excessive distance carries, piano and organ flight carries, additional transportation charge (ATC), basic appliance servicing (preparation of appliances to make them safe to ship), and on shipments moving transborder between the United States and Canada, the import and export service charge.

Origin agent

The agent designated in the origin area to be available for preliminary readying of the shipment before the move and to provide information.


When articles to be shipped are left behind due to insufficient space on the primary van. Additional van(s) are then utilized for transportation and delivery.

Overtime loading & unloading service

If you request loading or unloading on a weekend, holiday or after normal working hours on a weekday (i.e., between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m.), an overtime charge is assessed based on the weight of your shipment. This also applies when prevailing laws ordinances or landlord requirements will not allow loading/unloading during normal working hours on weekdays.